Magswitch Extenda-Lift – Easy on the back!

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  • It is always a concern when you have to reach down or bend over to pick up steel – that’s why the Extenda-Lift does it for you. Easy on the back!

Benefits & Applications:

  • The Extenda-Lift has a super strong hold – making it extremely useful in picking up hot, sharp, and heavy steel.
  • Ideal for cities and utilities, valve box and small lid removal.
  • Picks up flat or round shapes.
  • Easy on/off control for precise positioning
  • Lightweight and compact
  • More effective on thinner materials
  • Easy to use with the freedom from electricity

Safety Advantages:

  • Pick up steel from the cutting table or floor with ease.
  • Safety lock keeps magnets on until they are deliberately turned off.

Sizes Available:

  • Extenda-Lift 600 – 8100025
  • Extenda-Lift 1000 – 8130177

To Purchase/More Information:

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