Magnetic Cylinder Sensors from SICK

Intelligent Magnetic Cylinder Sensors ensure accurate piston detection, measuring, positioning and control within pneumatic cylinders.

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Rapid and accurate detection of piston placement in compact pneumatic cylinders, SICK Magnetic Cylinder Sensors offer a wider field of applications for machinery and production plants.

These comprehensive ranges of sensors are available with a number of features and options to suit all installation requirements and conditions.

Analog Positioning Sensors for precision measurements

  • MPA: Broad range of flexibility with sensing capability between 107 to 1007mm, minimal blind zone for increased performance and time saving capabilities with Teach PAD configurable start and end points
  • MPS: Multiple measuring ranges between 32 and 256mm, simple analog output setup and drop in T slot mounting for easy installation

Easy to install sensors for C-slot Cylinders

  • MZ2Q-C: Time saving with two programmable switching points in one sensor and reduced mounting and cabling. Exceptional flexibility and suitability for precision pneumatic applications
  • MZC1: Easy to install and lower maintenance costs for simpler integration. Higher machine throughput with SICK GMR and ASIC technology
  • RZC1: Reliably holds positions under shock and vibration while easily installed and replaced with drop in functionality

Versatile sensors for T-slot Cylinders

  • MZ2Q-T:  Flexible up to 50mm of detection zone and one sensor with two adjustable switching points for easy installation and use in pneumatic applications
  • MZT6: Resilient to leaks, shock and vibration while still remaining highly accurate. Quick and simple installation with drop in T slot and Allen wrench or flat head screw driver
  • MZT6 ATEX: Offers ATEX 3D/3G and ATEX 3G for leading switching performance and precision piston detection
  • MZT8: Exceptionally short for use with short stroke cylinders and sensor placed at the tip for reliable detection without compromise to stroke
  • RZT6: Resistance to shock, liquid and vibrations with easy installation and mounting

Sensor adaptors for other cylinder types are also available from SICK as well as a comprehensive range of accessories to compliment your Magnetic Cylinder Sensors.

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