Magnetic Couplings from T.E.A. Transmissions

Rare earth permanent magnet coupling for contact-free torque transmission applications in various industry sectors including food processing, phramaceutical and marine


Couplings for Contact-Free Torque Transmission
Suitable for contact-free torque transmission, this two-piece permanent magnet coupling consists of opposing discs with powerful earth magnets.

Features of the Permanent Magnetic Couplings

  • No wearing parts and a synchronous design
  • Simple and flat design of the discs
  • No slip at any speed
  • No physical contact between driving and driven parts
  • Simplifies containment barrier100% overload protection
  • Provides electrical, mechanical and chemical isolation

Applications for Permanent Magnet Couplings

  • Marine applications removing the need for shaft seals
  • Laboratory mixers and vessel agitators
  • Driving submerged pumps or compressors
  • Driving across vessles where contents must be isolated
  • Where a safety slip mechamism is required
  • Solar or low power applications requiring extremely efficient torque transmissions
  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceutical industry
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