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Machine vision is a
technology that utilizes sensors, industrial cameras, I/O control hardware and
vision software algorithms to extract information from captured images,
providing imaging-based inspection analysis and visual guidance for production
line operations. As a crucial part of factory automation, the technology is
widely implemented in automated product inspection to enhance quality control,
as well as in assembly process to guide robots and adjust machinery behaviour.
Machine vision gives manufacturing equipment the ability to see and identify
objects just like the human eye 攜et with far greater speed and precision.
Systems incorporating machine vision are able to examine massive numbers of
parts within seconds and deliver consistently reliable and accurate inspection
results despite long hours of repetitive operations. Aided by high resolution
cameras and sophisticated optics, machine vision systems can also distinguish
subtle differences too tiny to be discerned by human inspectors.

Electronics range of Machine Vision PCs are designed to enhance and optimise
these automation operations in harsh factory environments, and is built
to consolidate and support Industry 4.0 systems, intersecting efficiency, ease of
deployment and high precision. Ideal for smart control systems, machine vision inspection,
digital signage, surveillance and machine makers, the Machine Vision Series is
applicable for both general and industrial consumer operational purposes,
providing the perfect solution for minimization, maximization and integration
in smart industrial systems.

These Machine
Visions PC are designed with a wide range of interfaces
that seamlessly integrate industrial cameras such as GigaLAN, USB 3.0, PoE,
CameraLink and CoaXpress. These specialised industrial PCs are powered by Intel
6th/7th Gen. CPU’s and feature USB3.0 ports, multiple LAN ports with POE and
PCIe(x8/x16) slots for the installation of video capture cards and high end
GPUs. Interworld has 3 series of embedded PCs as follows:

BOXER-6841M Series:

Designed to satisfy the most demanding needs
of Machine Vision applications, the Boxer-6841M series consists of 6 models.
Features PCI-E(x16) supporting upto 250W graphics card as well as 5xGbE LAN
ports and 4xUSB3.0 ports for adding additional 2D/3D cameras

BOXER-6639/6640(M) Series:

Designed for vision
based operations in harsh factory environments. Featuring upto 9 GbE LAN and 8
USB3.0 ports

AVS-500 Series:

Designed for vision
based operations in harsh factory environments. Featuring multiple GbE LAN and
USB3.0 ports as well as up to 4 PCI/PCIe expansion cards.

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