LTW Waterproof Connectors from Altronic Distributors

LTW waterproof connector products are durable, control tested in a range of different conditions and works well with current marketplace

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LTW are an ISO certified specialist manufacturer of waterproof connectors, available in IP66, 67 and 68 ratings, for use in almost any environment

Waterproof Connectors for Mining, Agricultural, Industrial and Marine Use

  • LTW waterproof electrical connectors undergo significant R&D and quality control testing including flammability, salt water, UV, vibration and  drop testing, torque and mechanical bending forces
  • Durable and long life, delivering high quality performance in harsh environment
  • Compatible with the existing connector types in the marketplace
  • Altronics provides multipin circular DIN, D-Sub and RJ45 in both line and chassis types off the shelf
  • Most connectors have matching screw or locking caps ensuring moisture and dust does not damage equipment when not connected

Specialised LTW Connectors
In addition to the preferred types in stock, LTW have an extensive range of more specialised connectors also available through Altronic Distributors to manufacturers in OEM quantities. These include waterproof; USB, IEEE1394, power, circular, mini-DIN, M-Series, DVI, HDMI and D-Sub combo.

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