Low Pressure Blowers

The blowers available from Caps Australia are suitable for different functions in numerous situations

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Low Pressure

CAPS is a market leader in low-pressure air solutions, offering an
extensive range of cutting-edge blower technologies and a national
distributorship for trusted brands such as Neuros, HSi, Kawasaki, Ingersoll
Rand and Pedro Gil.

Offering conventional positive displacement (lobe) type blowers, single and
multi-stage centrifugal blowers, and new generation high speed turbo blowers, as
well as rotary screw technologies, CAPS provides energy efficient and
environmentally friendly systems.

With options to suit a varied range of industrial
purposes, including food, water treatment, mining and manufacturing, CAPS has
the capabilities to provide the optimum blower selection for any low-pressure application.

CAPS local engineering facilities allows our highly skilled team of engineers
to design, fabricate and assemble custom-built blower packages, including
control systems to provide you with smarter solutions that meet your


  • Proven state-of-the-art
  • A wide range of standard options
    for most systems
  • Unlimited custom build options
  • Very low maintenance requirements
  • Rugged, proven and reliable

Product Range

  • Pedro Gil F1 positive
    displacement (PD) roots blowers
  • Neuros high
    speed turbo blowers
  • Pedro Gil truck vacuum blower
  • Ingersoll Rand LP centrifugal air
  • Kawasaki
    single stage centrifugal blowers
  • HSi and
    Hibon multistage centrifugal blowers

Blower Services

  • Complete overhaul, repair and servicing for
    all makes of blowers
  • Assistance with the selection of optimum blower
    solutions for each application
  • Short and long term hire
  • Finance packages
  • National network of service centres from 13
    locations with 24/7 support
  • Expert service technicians 
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