Low-cost, robust displacement and positioning sensors


Bestech Australia offers a wide range of
low-cost displacement and positioning sensor for displacement measurement in
harsh and dirty environment such as in manufacturing environment and mining
industry. Selecting the suitable sensors highly depends on the applications.

Inductive LVDT/LVIT

LVDT/LVIT is a low-cost, wear-free displacement
transducer with long service life. They have been successfully used in both
single and high-volume OEM applications and offer high reliability, excellent
signal quality and measurement stability in harsh conditions. Applications

  • Piston positioning
    in hydraulic cylinders
  • Measuring lifting
    height in platform
  • Gap measurement in
    rotary crushers
  • Axis calibration
    in robotic arms

Draw Wire

Displacement is measured using a highly
flexible steel cable attached to the cable drum which provides a proportional
output signal. These sensors are applications-friendly, easy to mount and can
be customised for optimization in OEM applications. Some examples:

  • Fork-lift lifting height
  • Measuring height of
    lifting platform in automobile production
  • Positioning of
    Aerial work platform (AWP)


Potentiometers are low cost and always operate with
a sliding contact system. They are used for direct measurement of mechanical
displacements. The mechanical moving parts of the sensors should be set up to
minimize movement intervention by external forces. Applications include:

  • Press-fit
  • Switch and button
  • Measuring strokes
    on riveting machines
  • Hydraulic


contact capacitive sensors are available as elastometric strain gauge
technology. The sensor has robust, flexible design and capable of tolerating
off-axis measurement in all three dimensions. Applications example include:

  • Measuring movement of cranes
  • Gap and crack measurement in
    structural health monitoring
  • Automated error detection in stamping/ metal forming tools


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