Low cost pressure transducer for OEM and high-volume application

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is a silicon-based piezoresistive pressure transducer specifically designed for
applications where accurate pressure measurement is required at minimum cost.
The sensor housing and membrane are constructed from 304 stainless steel and
SS316L, respectively. The housing and circuitry can be mass-produced which makes
MRB23 ideal for OEM applications.

MRB23 is available in standard pressure range of -1 to 1000 bar with selectable
accuracy version 0.5% or 0.25%. The sensor design is compact and has excellent
price-to-performance ratio. It can provide data readout in mA or V output and
is ideal for general pressure measurement in the industry. Variants of MRB23 is
also available with Digital output, MRB28 Some
of the typical applications of MRB23 include:

  • Water level monitoring in open cut
  • Hydrostatic level control
  • Hydrology research
  • Production machinery
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