Load Cell Displays and Weighing Transmitters from Instrotech

Choose from eight models in this range of Weighing Amplifiers, Displays and Transmitters


Instrotech range of weighing amplifiers, indicators, and transmitters are
available in panel-mount, rail-mount, field-mount and portable versions. These instruments are used with load cells,
strain transducers and strain gauge pressure transmitters having outputs up to

The Instrotech Weighing Electronics range

  • Load Cell Indicators with 4, 5 and 6-digit LED displays
  • Axle, Bag, Batch, Belt and Throughput weighers
  • Loss-in-weight Feeders and Dynamometers
  • Hand-held portable Load Cell Indicators
  • Large Displays with 57, 100, 127 or 280mm high digits
  • Integral SD card Data Logging and USB connectivity

analogue retransmission, switching outputs and serial communications,
Instrotech weighing electronics find applications in weight, level, volume,
batch, testing, checking and in-motion weighing across all industries.

support these ranges of weighing electronics with material and workmanship
warranties together with load cells, mounts, strain transducers and

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