Liquid Bulk Transport in Bag-in-Box Intermediate Bulk Containers

For the easy transportation and storage of dry food and powders, intermediate bulk containers or IBCs offer a great solution.

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Carrying liquid in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) is a standard application for the food and chemical industries. SBH Solutions has years of experience in the design, manufacture and distribution of folding IBCs which use a disposable multi-layer liner bag to hold the contents being stored or transported. Folding IBC save space and transport costs compared to rigid IBC and will last a many years. We supplement the range with other IBC from world renowned partners to provide the widest options available.

  • SBH Solutions MultiBox folding IBC for liquid bag-in-box applications comes standard with full length sight glass, split lids (all parts attached), low discharge and easy to use handles and hardware. A fully hot dipped galvanised frame and 5mm high density polypropylene panels make this container easy to use and very long lasting. Available with a range of panel colours and asset identification panels front and rear.
  • Arca Combo all plastic folding IBC passes the strictest hygiene testing and is built to last from virgin high density polypropylene. It has low discharge and these days comes with a fold down door to assist with loading the liner bag. At 88kg it lightens the load in transport.
  • Spacekraft cardboard demountable liquid IBC are particularly suited to use in export as they both lightweight yet designed and tested to withstands the rigours of sea and long term rail journeys.
  • SBH Solutions is also partnered with CIMC, the largest IBC manufacturer in the world to distribute its Stainless Steel Rigid IBCs designed for hazardous goods transportation, offshore storage and certain pharmaceutical and food applications. Click on this link to find out more information.

SBH Solutions also supplies the internal liners used in bag-in-box intermediate bulk containers.

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