Linerfree Label Applicator. Cost saving labelling technology, that also protects the environment

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For carton and pallet labelling
For use particularly in the food industry
Where regard for the environment is important

Differentiating Features
Traditionally, self-adhesive labels stick to a liner until they are applied to a product. Linerfree Labeller is different because it is developed to handle labels that come in rolls with no layers of liner in between. The roll of label has a special stick-free surface and construction which allows the adhesive of the paper to be effective only on the product, and not during handling.
This proven new technology is efficient and reliable, and because it uses no liner backing on the labels, there are huge advantages:

Saves our environment from silicone waste
60% more paper on the same roll diameter as with traditional rolls; this
minimises roll changes and production breaks
No waste

Other Details
Delivered in endless lines up to 500 meters
No preprints or pre-cuts of labels are required (neutral)
All kinds of label lengths can be created from the same roll of paper
The adhesive has identical specifications as ordinary self-adhesive material
Labels have a special coating that is resistant to water dew
EAN 128 capable

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