Linear and Rotary Position Sensors from Applied Measurement Australia

Contact and non contact position sensors, with operations in all environments including intrinsically safe requirements

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Applied Measurement Australia offers the broadest range of technology in contact and non contact position sensors, with operations in all environments including intrinsically safe requirements.

Posic provide complete position sensing solutions for motion control and mechatronic applications. Markets served include industrial automation, medical devices, automotive, robotics, instrumentation, machine-tools, laboratory automation etc.

  • Multiple Channel Sensors – Single, Dual and Triple channel sensors provide flexibility in design including codewheels and linear scales.
  • Coil on Chip Technology – Enables the fabrication of the world smallest inductive sensors. The inductive sensor (a differential transformer) is fabricated on top of an electronic chip, which contains all the electronics necessary for sensor-operation, interpolation, linearization and interfacing.
  • Standard Products offer a number of standard products in the form of inductive sensors and miniature encoder kits, including accessories like codewheels, linear scales, cables and connectors. 
  • Customized Products – In order to fully meet our customer requirements, we customize encoders, codewheels, scales, cables and connectors according to the requirements of a specific application.

Linear Output Sensors
Positek is a leading manufacturer and world-wide supplier of linear, rotary, tilt and intrinsically safe position sensors, displacement transducers and potentiometers. Includes ATEX and ANZEx qualified intrinsically safe range for use in Mining environments and also potentially explosive Gas, Vapour and Dust atmospheres. The sensors have major advantages over LVDT’s and other similar sensors. They are more compact, more accurate, robust and need no special sensitive magnetic components or magnets which attract debris.

  • Linear & Rotary Position Sensors provide a linear output signal that is proportional to either displacement or rotation. The sensors have a very fast start up from power on and provide an almost instantaneous signal.
  • Robust Sensors for demanding applications needing high reliability in harsh environments.
  • Intrinsically Safe Sensors can be used in hazardous environments when connected to Positek approved galvanically isolated amplifier. Positek offers Intrinsically Safe sensors for the following three hazard classifications:

X Series: Position Sensors for Gas/Vapour atmospheres
E Series: Position Sensors for Gas/Vapour and Dust atmospheres
M Series: Position Sensors for Gas/Vapour, Dust and Mining environments. 

  • Custom Sensors design and make a wide range of semi and fully custom sensors for rotary and linear displacement applications. We can even produce sensors which can sense a combined linear and rotary motion.

Fibre Optic
Custom fibre optic sensors for non-contact measurement of linear distance, displacement and vibration. The sensors use bundled glass fibres to transmit light to and receive reflected light from target surfaces. The intensity of received light is processed and used to measure linear distances from 0 to 50 mm away.

  • Reflectance Dependant with RD fibre optic sensors, the output is proportional to the distance between the sensor tip and target surface, as well as the reflectivity of the target. Commonly used for measurements to objects moving parallel to the axis of the sensor.
  • Reflectance Compensated 揟he RC fibre optic sensor output signal is blind to reflectance variations. The RC type sensor and are ideal for single axis measurements as well as for measurements to objects moving past the sensor.
  • Fast Response Analogue Sensors are fast responding units for dynamic applications with 20 KHz standard bandwidths. Bandwidths exceeding 1 megahertz are optional.
  • Precision Gauging Digital Systems are the best choice with a 5kHz max sampling rate. Sensor calibrations are stored on-board and the sensor output is linearized over the whole operating range

MEL laser systems provide an analogue or digital output proportional to the distance being measured. Laser technology allows for non contact measurement with ranges from 0.5mm to 150m!

  • Versatility broad product spectrum in resolution and ranges, with analogue and digital outputs.
  • Highest Precision resolution from 0.025 um, 10kHz bandwidth and 0.5mm to 200mm range
  • Highest Sampling Frequency digital laser sensors for high speed dynamic measurement like vibration and oscillation with 100kHz bandwidth
  • Time of flight sensors Digital laser sensors for distances up to 150m with 0.1mm resolution
  • High Temp options cooling modules allow operating in environments up to 500degC
  • Remote Control Options – A fast manual radio control shortens the dead time of production plants and eases the maintenance. 

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