Liftband Chain Strips from Treotham Automation

Intelligent Liftband Chain Strips for confined spaces with long vertical extension.


Intelligent modular system, Liftband Chain Strips delivers long vertical extension for low energy chain basic height applications.

Optimising your space, Liftband can be configured to form a number layers.

Innovative 3 component modular system to suit your applications and space

  • Completely configurable straight and curved strips with clip on cable clamps create the basic shape while also connecting and routing cables
  • Length when necessary, Liftband can be safely stretched to a completely flat position
  • Tailoring to your requirements basic shapes can be rectangular, round or square
  • Frame options including Easy for simple clipping, Snap Open frame with hinge and inner height adjustable lockable frames
  • Hard wearing chain links do not rub for long lasting reliability
  • Quiet in operation for minimal sound pollution

Economical and versatile, Liftband is currently available in 50 mm width design and is suitable for zigzag applications for platform technology.

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