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Leak and Flow Testing technologies for assembly lines

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From its position as the world leader in Leak Testing technologies for assembly lines, ATEQ has developed a whole range of industrial quality control equipment ranging from electrical testers to pressure and flow calibrators as well as pressure and flow calibration services traceable to all international standards.

Flow Testers
With more than 55 000 flow testers currently in operation throughout 32 countries, ATEQ remains by far the largest manufacturer of leak testing instruments for production lines in the world.  With the 5 series, ATEQ introduces the fastest, most reliable, versatile, user friendly flow tester range in the market, and by far the most popular ever built.

  • Patented Design – At the heart of every ATEQ flow tester lays a patented differential pressure transducer, the performance of which remains unmatched in the industry. This technological marvel can measure pressure variations of 0.000145 psi and handle test pressures up to 1160 psi!
  • Fast – Comes fully equipped with the latest technology in dry and clean flow detection
  • Easy – You’ll find yourself achieving fantastic results in no time. Programming up to 64 sequential programs using different pressures and cycle times has never been easier. 
  • Compact – The smaller the instrument, the closer you can position it to your test rig thus reducing the overhaul test volume. By reducing the test volume, you decrease the cycle time and increase the accuracy of the test.
  • Service and Training – Applied Measurement Australia provides local training and a complete calibration service.

Combined Testers
Since different flows could affect the actual test pressure, at any given test pressure, the DG5 will give all measurements related to the calibrated pressure value. Fitted with a continuous laminar flow leak testing technology module full demonstration (G5), a Laminar flow testing technology (D5) module and a user friendly PC interface (Sesame software), the DG5 lets the user visualise the flow and leaks in real time.

  • Versatile – Sesame allows engineers to store as many different programs as they require. Handy when you have to manage extensive product ranges.
  • Accurate – Since different flows could affect the actual test pressure, at any given test pressure, the DG5 will give all measurements related to the calibrated pressure value using pressure variation compensation
  • Reliable – A calibrated jet allows the instrument to provide a self check test prior to every test

Valve Testers
With an ERD you have several instruments in one. Based on our very popular 5 series range of testing products, the ERD follows the same quality standards you come to expect from ATEQ. The ERD is an instrument designed to test components for which a response is expected at a given pressure. Also used as a “burst tester”, the ERD can record the pressure drop from a destructive pressure test.

Air Data Test Sets
ATEQ OMICRON Air Data Test Sets are RVSM compliant and fully cater for all aircraft types and their different electrical power supplies. Their test sets can be used for testing high performance civil and military aircraft, fix and rotary wing. The multi-pressure outlets option can suit the more complex pilot-static-systems and are designed use to cover the testing of all barometric and manometric pressure instrument systems. 

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