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SICK Sensor intelligence offers essential efficiency, accuracy and safety for automation in a variety of applications.

Precision measurement with extreme reliability ensures that your operations and processes are streamlined for continuous optimal efficiency.

Hard wearing Level Sensors with enhanced detection of level and point level measurements

  • Guided Radar: Precision low-energy electromagnetic impulses measures fluid surfaces
  • Optical Level Switch: Utilising energetic photoelectric technology within a durable enclosure for complete reliability
  • Ultrasonic: Contact-free design for use in difficult or polluted liquids with detection independent of appearance
  • Vibration: Robust stainless steel tuning fork measures when covered in liquid or bulk solid using piezoelectrical energy and vibrations
  • Hydrostatic: Accurate LFH Level Probe offers continuous level measure via pressure transmission
  • Capacitance: Level and feed monitoring proximity sensors for solids, granule and liquids
  • Fibre-optic Cable: Compatible with almost every liquid using a fibre optic cable to detect levels
  • Laser: Comprehensive range to suit a variety of distances including BULKSCAN for belt conveyors

Innovative Flow Sensors deliver flexible measurability in a durable design

  • Ultrasonic Flowmeter FFU: Compact and high performing design in temperatures up to 80 C and pressure up to 10 bar.  Non-contact flow measurement for conductive and non conductive liquids
  • Laser Volume Flowmeter Bulkscan LMS511: Maintenance free non contact measurement of volume flow on conveyor belts. System can also monitor operation and centre of gravity to prevent uneven loading

Unique Pressure Switches for specific automation operations

  • PBS Universal Pressure Switch with IO-Link: Pressure monitoring and measurement in liquid and gases. Compact and robust design with safe operation
  • PBS Hygienic: Specifically designed for integration into food and beverage applications

High quality Pressure Transmitters offer exceptional results in general industrial applications

  • PBT Standard Pressure Transmitter: Universal design for general industrial use. Resilient to corrosive materials
  • PFT Flexible Pressure Transmitter:  Suitable for use in liquids or gases in industrial machinery and plant engineering
  • PHT Pressure Transmitter: Compatible for stringent hygiene operations include food manufacturing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics

Reliable liquids and gases contact measurement Temperature Sensors

  • TBT: Exceptional temperature measurement with wetted components constructed for corrosion resilient stainless steel
  • TCT: Broad and accurate temperature measurement within a compact, hard wearing design
  • TSP: Compact and effective between -30 C to +130 c

Developing the latest in sensor intelligence, SICK premium engineering and technical experience ensure a solution specific to your requirements to vastly improve your efficiency, accuracy and safety.

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