Leading Advanced Spill Prevention, Containment and Control Solutions from Enware Australia

High quality control of hazardous spills from a range of abrasive materials with advanced Enpac safety solutions.


Proven safety controls for chemicals, hazardous materials and dangerous goods, highly developed Enpac Spill Solutions from Enware Australia effectively prevent, contain and store critical substances in the workplace.

Dedicated to research and development, Enpac solutions are focused on the provision of safer handling, storage and transporting standards of a diverse range of materials.

Delivering safer conditions for the workplace and improving productivity

  • Effectively minimises dangerous exposure to hazardous materials and accidents
  • Lowers clean up and removal expenses
  • Effective reduction of component costs that can often be reclaimed
  • Optimising productivity with materials

Intelligent Enpac solutions range includes:

  • Spill pallets
  • IBC containment pallets
  • Poly Dolly mobile drum dispensing
  • Drum dispensing rack and stacker systems
  • Bunded workstations
  • Spill scooter
  • Overpacks salvage drums
  • Portable and  flexible  spill containment systems
  • Drum handling systems
  • Drum funnels
  • Drum top work station

High performance and stable Enpac Spill Prevention and Containment range

  • Hard wearing, constructed completely from polyethylene for rust and corrosion resilience
  • Ergonomic design for better handling and comfort
  • Intelligently developed UV stabilised with high resistance abrasive chemicals

Producing high quality solutions with ensured safety, many products have been tested as UN, DOT, EPA, SPCC and NPDES compliant for trusted reliability.

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