Leader Sentry Structural Movement Detector

A specialised monitor for Structural Movement Detection in Urban Search and Rescue operations.

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Designed to warn rescue workers of any imminent movement and possible collapse of surrounding structures, giving them time to retreat to safety.

Leader Sentry Urban Search and Rescue Utility 

  • Monitoring two independent structures at the same time
  • Monitoring the same structure in two axis (movement of the structure in any direction)
  • If the structure moves by a distance greater than the pre-set tolerance, a piercing 98 decibel alarm will sound, aiding early evacuation from the immediate vicinity of the structure
  • The tolerance can be set from 5 100mm
  • A harmless laser is aimed at the potentially dangerous site or structure, from a safe distance of up to 30 metres

Assisting USAR teams by alerting rescue workers about danger from structural integrity failure or movement and collapse before it occurs. The Leader Sentry aids rescuers with cutting edge technology, a simple and easy to set up system that is fully self contained and waterproof in a portable case the Sentry is able to be deployed in most disaster situations from mudslides to avalanches.

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