Knee Pads and Back Support Belts by OTB Products

Back Protection and Support from OTB for improved health and safety come in a range of sizes to suit the individual in black or orange.

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Back supports are ergonomical designed and manufactured to be ‘worn continuously’ and can, when used and worn as recommended, have significant health and fitness benefits.

The Decade Accupressure (Patented) back support is designed to reduce back injuries from sudden unexpected events (accidents), which result in applied loading (stress) to the lumber spine. The Accupressure back support can stop overreaction of muscles during:

  • Pushing
  • Pulling
  • Bending
  • Slips
  • Trips
  • Falls

Accupressure Back Support can stop overreaction of the muscles

  • Proprietary acupressure effect pad made with composite lightweight materials works biomechanically to reduce the over reaction of the back muscles during an unexpected loading event
  • High density woven elastic cinch straps give consistent superior performance over long term use
  • Triple lock cinch strap feature
  • Variable number of spring steel orthopedic boning stays according to support size
  • Available in Black and Hi Vis Powerbright Orange
  • Quick release shoulder straps provide flexibility and safety for wearers

Properly designed and worn back supports with spring steel stays, omni directional elastic plus double and triple lock closures could well be the difference between painful injuries resulting in time off work and feeling healthy and energetic enough to spend time playing with the kids, your partner or your favorite sport.

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