Keyboard, Video, Mouse and USB Extenders and Splitters by Interworld Electronics

Video splitters, KVM and USB extenders, video matrix switches and more in stock at Interworld Electronics

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Interworld Electronics supplies large range of Keyboard, Video, Mouse and USB products capable of extending signals up to 300m (1000 feet). KVM Splitters allow multiple users to gain access to a single computer system. 

Extend your device cabling using standard CAT5e/6 and Fibre Optic cables.

Operational efficiency with KVM, USB, Firewire and Serial Extenders
KVM Extenders provide real-time access to servers and workstations while extending Keyboard, Video, Mouse, Serial and Audio signals up to 300 meters. USB, Firewire and Serial Extenders allow products to be placed at large distances from a host PC.

Diverse control options with KVM Splitters
Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) Splitters allow up to four keyboards, monitors and mice to control one PC. Access one computer from the office, shop floor and boardroom.

Reliable efficiency control and sharing of computer equipment

  • CAT5e/6 and Fibre Optic signal extenders
  • PS/2 and USB keyboard support
  • USB, Firewire and Serial RS232 device extension
  • Industry-leading ultra high resolutions up to 2048×1536
  • Automatically adjust video quality and colour skew for crystal clear video
  • Video output buffering to ensuring signal integrity
  • Two-way audio (support for speakers and microphone)
  • Remote computer control
  • Multiple User Access
  • USB and Serial Touch screen extension

Increased Administrator efficiency and productivity is achieved with Keyboard, Video, Mouse and USB Extenders and Splitters by Interworld Electronics

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