Intelligent Data Loggers and Data Acquisition Systems from Bestech Australia

Bestech Australia offer ALMEMO data loggers and TMR-200 data acquisition system for sensor connection, data processing and device networking

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The ALMEMO data loggers from Bestech Australia offer professional measurement and documentation for research and development purposes as well as for process control applications.

These data loggers provide a single measuring instrument for all types of measurement with only sensors needing to be changed. These data loggers have infinite possibilities for sensor connection, data processing and device networking.

Rugged data logging equipment with plug ‘n’ read system

  • Simply plug in programmed intelligent connectors
  • No need to change settings or recalibrate as it automatically indicates measuring range and value when the sensor is connected
  • Use with analog and digital outputs, even from third party sensors
  • Integrate channels with computing functions into the sensor
  • Simultaneous detection of multiple measuring points
  • Large internal data memory for storing data
  • Automatically recognises peripheral equipment
  • Temperature compensation, limits and switching, correct zero-point and gain
  • Up to 29 measurement channels which can be extended by cross-linking devices

Sophisticated multi units data acquisition system
The TMR-200 data acquisition system is a compact multi-channel DAQ system enabling the combination of various sensor inputs according to measurement purpose.

  • Use for digital and analog input/output
  • High sampling speed
  • Up to 80 channels
  • Compatible with CF cards, USB and LAN
  • Acquire real-time histogram analysis possible
  • Use onboard a vehicle due to good shock and vibration protection

Wireless data acquisition system dedicated to analogue sensors
The AN-V wireless data acquisition system is a 2 or 4 channels DAQ system with embedded datalogger up to 1.000.0000 data acquisition records (with events dating)

  • Unipolar or bipolar voltage measurement (software configurable):
    • bipolar: 5 V , unipolar: 0 10 V
    • bipolar: 10V, unipolar: 0-20 V
  • 100% Wireless Technology : the sensor power source is provided by the BeanDevice (4.5V to 20V)
  • Excellent radio link budget thanks to the antenna diversity & a high power RF Front-End designed by BeanAir
  • Current consumption in sleeping mode : < 30 A whatever the sensor technology
  • Number of Input Channels : 2 or 4 channels
  • M12 Sensor connector with IP67 degree of protection
  • High measurement accuracy: < 0.08%
  • Maximum Radio Range : 1000m (L.O.S)
  • Streaming Packet Mode : 400 SPS
  • Entirely autonomous system with an integrated Lithium-Ion battery charger
    • 芦 Plug and Play 禄 installation : requires no knowledge of wireless technology
    • IP65 Watertight aluminium enclosure suitable for harsh industrial environment

Acquire any measurement variables and record large amounts of data with the ALMEMO data loggers, TMR-200 and BeanDevice data acquisition system from Bestech Australia.

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