Intelligent Automation Light Grids for Counting, Measuring and Sorting

SICK’s range of Automation Light Grids offer accurate detection and measurement in a variety of automation processes.

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Whether created to your specification or off the shelf design, there is a SICK Automation Light Grid to suit your applications and requirements.

Highest performance in demanding applications Advanced Automation Light Grids

Reliable performance result in demanding and complex industrial applications. Available in a variety of beam separation options, detection heights and output configurations.

  • MLG Standard: Designed for up to 3 x PNP or NPN switching applications
  • MLG Programmable: Customised resolutions with easy to use set up software
  • MLG PROFIBUS: Simple integration with PROFIBUS interface
  • MLG CANopen: Rapid integration with teach algorithm for precision sensitivity in challenging applications
  • MLG Analog Output: Easy measurement with voltage to current analog outputs
  • XLG Programmable:  Precision measurement with extreme immunity to sunlight

Simple and accurate Standard Automation Light Grids

Versatile for a number of applications in automation processes including detection, counting, checking and overhang.

  • WLG: Compact and versatile with individual direct beam output for measuring and switching
  • HLG: Superior resolution and high speed 3 ms recognition of small products
  • ELG Short Range: Effective detection and counting with high strength aluminium housing
  • ELG Long Range: Hard wearing up to 128 beams light grid
  • PLG3: Intelligent optical confirmation order picking authentication system
  • PLG6: Incredibly small light grid for increased pick levels

Slim and sleek Smart Light Grid

Streamlined and high speed range of smart area sensors, smart gate sensors and smart pick-to-light light grids with flexible mounting options.

  • SAS: Improved machine control with adjustable detection lengths all in a compact unit
  • SPL: High accuracy picking with clear LED indicators
  • SGS: Slim design for easy integration with optical synchronisation to eliminate cabling

Efficient and comprehensive solutions, SICK offer an extensive range of accessories to deliver the highest performing sensor system to suit your particular industry or processes.

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