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Integration products from SICK
enable easy connection and networking of a wide variety of sensors at the field
level as well as transmission of sensor data into the cloud. In keeping with
Industry 4.0, the data is provided directly or in preprocessed form in order to
operate higher-level processes such as predictive maintenance, track and trace
and quality control.

Sensor Integration Machine

The Sensor Integration Machine
(SIM) product family part of the SICK AppSpace eco-system is opening up new
possibilities for application solutions. The portfolio features a scaled range
of processing power levels, sensor connection numbers and functions which
include the IO-Link sensor hub up to the high-performance Sensor Integration
Machine. Data from SICK sensors and cameras can thereby be merged, evaluated,
archived and transmitted. The SIMs offer suitable solutions for all
applications, even in the context of Industry 4.0.


SICK connects
complete connectivity from a single source

provides connection devices that easily connect to other devices in your
machine, regardless of the selected automatic identification technology. These
devices enable easy integration of fieldbus gateways into the modular
connection boxes, making it possible to incorporate the scanner, camera or RFID
systems into different fieldbus technologies. A fieldbus proxy, external
parameter memory, display, and power modules provide a high degree of
application flexibility.

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