Instrotech Sub Surface Soil Probes for Moisture, Temperature and Salinity Measurements

EnviroPro is a high performance, multi function sub surface soil probe for monitoring soil moisture salinity and temperature levels

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The unique EnviroPro® Sub Surface Soil Probes from Instrotech Australia are suitable for moisture, temperature and salinity measurements and logging in all soil types.With factory calibrated accuracy readings, these soil probe instruments provide soil measurements and data logging with CMOS or SDI-12 outputs in agricultural, mining and industrial environments.

EnviroPro® Sub Surface Soil Probes with multifunction capability

  • Sub-surface instrument minimises damage from stock or machinery
  • Suitable for all crop types and root depth
  • Track changes in soil salinity and build-up
  • Save money, water and time by only applying irrigation when needed
  • Fully encapsulated, environmentally sealed electronics
  • Factory digitally calibrated – never needs re-calibration
  • Easy field installation
  • Optional auxilliary AC or DC power supplies

EnviroPro® Sub Surface Soil Probes are designed and made in Australia and are maintenance free. EnviroPro is compatible with a wide range of data loggers and works with supply voltages of 6V to 15VDC.
Also available are the EnviroPro® Light sub surface soil probes which measure moisture and temperature.These probes are robust units for economical and continuous soil monitoring which  do not require field re-calibration. 

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