Instrotech solid-state capacitive Water and Diesel Tank Level Systems

Custom made Tank Level Systems for water and diesel tanks, Tank Level Systems, Diesel Tank Level Systems, Water Tank Level Systems

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Instrotech Tank Level Systems are custom made to suit tank depths.  Systems comprise of Tank Sensors and remote point-level LED Display Controllers with alarm switching outputs.

Benefits of Instrotech’s Water and Diesel Tank Level Systems are:

  •  No floats or moving or corrosive parts
  • Easy to fit to new or retrofit to existing tanks
  • Panel-mount, surface-mount or rail-mount displays
  • Level outputs for alarms and high or low level control
  • Fully encapsulated IP68 tank sensors and display panels 
Model 1684 tank level systems are used in many and various applications in both stationary and vehicle mounted tanks, such as:

  • Fire-fighting water Tanks
  • Water and Diesel Tankers
  • Municipal and Farm Tankers
  • Boats and recreational vehicles 
  • Tanks on Mining Service Trucks
  • Diesel Generator Bulk and Day tanks
  • Fire trucks for Water and Foam concentrates
  • Switching between Tank and Mains water supplies

Digitally programmable to the relevant levels, Instrotech Tank Level Systems are quick and easy to install. 

With self-integrity checking, these systems display error messages to show faults in parts, power supply and cabling. 
Optional alarm modules may be added for Low Level and Overfill warnings, Audible and Visual warnings. 

With a large installed base and a designed service life of more than 10 years, these systems do not require any maintenance.  


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