Inertia and Motion Sensors from Applied Measurement Australia

Applied Measurement Australia’s inertia and motion sensors range include accelerometers, Gyro, inclinometers and GPS equipment.

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Inertia and Motion Sensors
Applied Measurement’s range of inertia and motion sensors are perfect for harsh and industrial environments. The range includes:

  • Inclinometers
  • Accelerometers
  • Gyro
  • GPS equipment – Vehicle Dynamic Performance

Applications for Inertia and Motion Sensors
Inertia and motion sensors from Applied Measurement cater to an extensive list of industries, uses and applications including:

Aerospace Testing, Wheel Alignment, RV Levelling, Mining Equipment, OEM Use, Crane / Boom Angle, Satellite Nutation Sensing, Transportation, Embedded Systems, Tower Crane Safety, Water and Oil Drilling Rigs, Building Automation, Railway, Weighing Systems, Fork-lifts, Fire Control, Train Braking & Banking, Missile Orientation, Construction Equipment, Impact Testing, Vibration/Shock Monitoring, Antenna Positioning, Robotics, Lift Platforms, Harvest Equipment, Tip Over Protection, Radar Levelling, Inertial Guidance, Weapons Development.

Applied Measurement Inertia and Motion Sensor Range Features


  • Single or Dual Axis
  • Range: ±1 to ±90
  • Compact Size
  • Up to IP67 (Rugged Applications)
  • Low Current Consumption
  • Minimal Temperature Drift
  • Operating Temperature Range: -45 to +85
  • Accuracy: ±0.2 to ± 0.9
  • Automatic Levelling Systems
  • Wide Range of Digital & Analog Outputs
  • EMI & RFI Rated


  • Up to 3-Axis
  • High Precision
  • Range: ±50 to 6000g
  • Accuracy: ±0.5 to ±2.0 Non-linearity
  • Voltage range: 5 to 36Vdc
  • Embedded/Compact/SMD
  • Piezo-electric
  • Amplified or Unamplified
  • Plug ‘n’ Play
  • Shock 100g, 11mSec, ½ Sine
  • Light Weight
  • Operating Temp Range: -40 to +125


  • Solid State
  • Low Cost, Low Power
  • Rugged, High Reliability
  • High Sock and Vibration
  • Low drift and noise
  • Wide bandwidth
  • Analog and RS-232 Outputs
  • Up to 6x Outputs
  • GPS Option
  • Military grade option
  • Built-in EMI/RFI protection

GPS equipment – Vehicle Dynamic Performance

  • Non-Contact testing for speed measurement via GPS
  • Measures Acceleration, Velocity, Position, Braking distance (straight line & cornering), height, lap-time, peak and average G-force, circuit position, track layout etc
  • Wide range of GPS Data logger
  • Up to 100Hz GPS Sampling
  • Accuracy : 0.1km/h & less 5cm via DGPS
  • Can also measure Slip Angle, Pitch Angle, Roll Angle, Yaw & Lateral Velocity
  • Serial & Bluetooth connection for Laptop interface (to record data)
  • Removable Compact Flash or SD post analysis
  • Variety of On-board displays for real-time status
  • Ability to recorded live Video (MPEG) via additional box
  • COMMS: CAN & RS232
  • User friendly Software for Post Data Analysis

Please visit the website by clicking the link below for further information on Applied Measurement Australia’s wide selection of inertia and motion sensors.

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