Industry Whitepaper: Improving Machine and Electrical Safety in Mining and Manufacturing.

A whitepaper from Testo about how to prevent fires and explosions in hazardous environments


Testo, a leading manufacturer of quality hand held instruments, have put together a white paper examining the importance of maintenance and monitoring strategies in protecting employees and machinery from fires, explosions and faults.

As you will already know, safety is always at a premium in hazardous industries, but despite increased awareness and improved training, work-related injury and fatality rates are still too high.

Why is this?

Heavy machinery requires high-voltage power supplies, which means increased electrical risks and the potential for undetected electrical faults to cause major damage. 

Learn how you can keep maintenance costs down, whilst effectively protecting your business, your employees and your machinery by employing a preventative maintenance strategy, using thermography to monitor mechanical and electrical systems or production processes. 

To download the full whitepaper from Testo, click here.

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