Industry Whitepaper: An Escalating Concern- The Need for ‘On the Go Gas Monitoring from testo

An industrial whitepaper from testo; An Escalating Concern- The Need for ‘On the Go’ Gas Monitoring.

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An informative Industry Whitepaper from leading measuring instrument developer Testo Australia, An Escalating Concern- The Need for ‘On the Go’ Gas Monitoring.

Gas Standards and Regulations
Ensuring essential safety and protection from work related hazards for mine employees including risks from fires, explosions and exposure to toxic gas.

  • Varies between mandatory and preferred standards dependent on the application
  • Australian standards are enforced nationwide however regulations can vary between states

Fire and Toxic Gas Poisonings
While stringent standards and regulations improve health and safety to protect workers, this cannot eliminate gas related hazards.

  • Ever increasing financial and safety costs of mine accidents from fire and explosions
  • Exposure to toxic or asphyxiant gases including methane, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide and sulphur dioxide
  • Presence of carbon monoxide limits oxygen absorption and is especially dangerous with colourless and odourless characteristics

Managing Mining Gas Emissions
Rising focus on sustainable practices has seen mining face issues with greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impacts.

  • Introduction of Australia’s Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency report reinforcing the need for mines to reduce gas emission levels
  • According to the Australian National Greenhouse Gas Inventory coal mining fugitive emissions account for a total of 5% of Australia’s greenhouse gases

The Solution
Simple and practical Testo 340 4-sensor and 350-6 sensor flue gas analysers are suitable for a diverse range of applications. High quality design features include:

  • Exclusive measuring range extension for greater reading at high gas concentrations and temperatures
  • Incorporated with O2 sensor as standard and additional gas sensors that can be individually configured to suit your exact specification
  • Small conservative size from trusted Testo innovation for commissioning, service and maintenance work
  • Simple to read and analyse software data system for easy management and control
  • Impressive designs made for continuous high quality performance
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