Industrial Strength Nozzles for Timber and Steel Manufacturing, Spraying Rollers and Cooling from Spraying Systems Co.

Spraying Systems Co. manufacture a range of special purpose nozzles for a wide range of industries and applications


Spraying Systems Co.® manufacturer and stock industrial spray nozzles for cooling, washing, wetting, cleaning, coating and drying.

With over 125,000 spray nozzles in the range, including air nozzles, atomising nozzles, blow off nozzles and misting nozzles there is a nozzle for every application.

Industrial spray nozzles for cooling, cleaning and washing

  • Extensive range of spray patterns, droplet sizes and capacities available
  • Automatic brush shower modules eliminate manual brush operation in existing applications to save time by improving quality and productivity

Maximise spray performance in the car wash industry with WashJet® and FoamJet® spray nozzles

  • Eliminate waste water and excess detergent usage
  • Complete system available with presoaking, washing, rinsing, waxing and self service systems
  • Minimise additional power usage with lower flow rates

PanelSpray® System increases both quality and output levels of your engineered wood products like plywood, MDF and OSB

  • Precision spray technology minimises chemical consumption 
  • Adds moisture to reduce cure times
  • Prevents boards from sticking to belts and presses through the accurate and uniform application of release agents
  • Low flow application achieved without compressed air

Spraying Systems Co.® manufacture a range of special purpose nozzles for a wide range of industries including paper, metal, steel and timber manufacturing, automotive, electronics and pharmaceutical. 

AutoJet® Technologies manufacture controllers software and turnkey automated systems for your coating application reducing costs and increasing productivity. 

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