Industrial Safety Showers From Spill Station Australia

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The key requirements of any Emergency Safety Shower and Eye/Face wash is that within 1 second of operation, a sufficient volume of water with the correct spray profile is delivered at a safe temperature in accordance with the standard.

To ensure compliance to the standards, Hughes Safety Showers are designed to deliver across the full range of Australian conditions.

  • Standard Range – For use in areas where there is no risk of water freezing or overheating
  • Laboratory Range – For use in hospitals, laboratories and clean indoor areas
  • Self Draining Range – When overheating of water in shower pipes is a problem
  • Tank Shower Range – For use in areas where mains supply cannot be guaranteed
  • Cold Climate/Temperature Controlled Range – For use in areas where water freezing in the shower pipes is an issue

Manufactured to the Quality Assurance Standard BS EN ISO9002, the Emergency Safety Showers and Eyebath products in this range meet the stringent requirements of the internationally recognised American Standard ANSI Z 358.1-2004 as well as the Australian Standard for Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment AS 4775-2007.

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