Industrial PCs – Industrial Rack Mount Chassis from Interworld Electronics

Industrial computing equipment including rack mount industrial chassis, keyboard monitor drawers, servers and more


Industrial Rack Mounted systems designed and configured to suit your requirements.

Chassis are available with removable drive bays for parallel IDE drives and hot swap drive bays for SATA, SAS and SCA-2 drives. 

Large range of compatible backplanes with support for:

  • (PICMG 1.3) PCI-Express HSBs
  • (PICMG 1.0) PCI/ISA SBCs
  • Slots for PCI-Express
  • PCI-X, 5V / 3.3V PCI
  • 32-bit and 64 bit add in cards 
  • Legacy ISA boards. 

Interworld also supplies Industrial Dual and Single Processor Motherboards with a variety of slot configurations. Power supply options include single and redundant power for mission critical applications.

Expansion chassis are also available allowing up to 13 PCI or 7 PCI-Express slots  to be added to an existing computer system. Available expansion kits provide PCI to PCI, PCI-Express to PCI, ExpressCard to PCI, CardBus to PCI and ISA to ISA expansion.

Industrial PCs
Interworld Electronics carries a wide selection of Rack Mount Industrial Chassis. Chassis sizes range from space saving 1RU chassis through to high slot count 4RU and 6RU models.

1RU Servers
1RU Industrial Servers combine a custom designed low profile motherboard and processor with a 1RU rack mount chassis. Industrial Servers provides a range of starting point configurations from entry-level systems through to carrier grade dual Xeon high performance servers.

1RU Keyboard Monitor Drawers
1RU Rack Mount Keyboard Monitor Drawers are a space saving solution for the control of multiple servers. Available with built in 8 or 16 port KVM switches and optional daisy chain expansion modules they can control up to 128 servers.

2RU Rack Mount Chassis
2U rack mount chassis are ideal for space constrained Internet and web hosting companies, ISP’s, telecommunications and data centres. 2RU chassis are also well suited for deployment in mobile application such as aircraft, ships and road vehicles.

3RU Rack Mount Chassis
3U Industrial rack mount chassis provide a reduced space solution while still allowing full height add in cards to be inserted without the use of a riser card. This means that all the available motherboard or passive backplane slots can be used. 

4RU / 6RU Chassis
The 4RU / 6RU chassis range from Interworld Electronics offers flexibility in slot requirements, power supply and drive bay configurations to suit most applications. Up to 20 slots can be supported in varying combinations of ISA, PCI, PCI-X and PCI-Express. 4RU Chassis can have up to 18 drive bays, making them ideal for high density storage requirements.

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