Industrial Monitors and Displays from Interworld Electronics

Interworld Electronics’ selection of heavy duty monitors and displays are suitable for using in sunshine and exterior circumstances.


The Interworld Electronics range of industrial monitors and displays includes sunlight readable monitors, stainless steel and alloy rack and panel mount monitors, rack mount monitor/keyboard drawers and high performance marine displays.

Sunlight Readable Monitors are ideal for situations where the monitor is exposed to direct sunlight.

Typical applications include vehicle LCD monitors, shop window and outdoor viewing displays.

  • Luminance ratings up to1700nits
  •  Wide viewing angles
  •  Fast response times
  •  High contrast ratios
  •  Extremely high brightness
  •  Industrial panel mount housings
  •  Screen sizes ranging for 6.4 to 47 inches

Rugged stainless steel and alloy Rack and Panel Mount Monitors for durability

  • HDMI, DVI, VGA, Composite Video and S-video inputs for audio-visual applications
  • Aluminium alloy IP65 rated bezels
  •  Optional stainless steel bezels
  •  Touch screen options
  •  Totally sealed IP65/IP68 monitors
  •  Options without a housing, bezel or touch screen for OEM and system integrators
  •  Open frame, rack or panel mount TFT LCD monitors with screen sizes ranging from 5.7 to 19 inches

Hard wearing 17 and 19 LCD Rack mount Monitor Keyboard Drawers

  • Supplied with small footprint keyboards with built in track balls or touch pads
  •  Models are also available with built-in 8 or 16 ports KVM switches
  •  Monitor Keyboard Drawers only use 1RU (1.75 ) of rack space
  •  Capable of controlling multiple servers
  •  Our dual track DMK Series allows either the Monitor or the Keyboard or both to be extended saving additional rack space
  •  Standard or Wide format LCD screens

High Performance Marine Monitors designed for the most demanding environments

  • 1000nits LED backlighting
  •  IP65 waterproof
  • DNV marine approval

Operational durability in the roughest conditions, Industrial Monitors and Displays from Interworld Electronics retain high performance in water, high shock zones and abrasive airborne particles.

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