Industrial Gear Unit Modules by Nord Drivesystems

Industrial gear unit modules for commercial and industrial applications

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Industrial Gear Unit Modules from Nord Drivesystems

NORD industrial gear unit modules ensure short delivery times and consistently high quality. 

Features and benefits of Industrial Gear Unit Modules
Among other things, identical gear unit mounts, frames and modules are versatile and suitable for various applications. Other features and benefits include:
  • Gear units can be used as either left or right hand units. This standardisation reduces the number of components, simplifies storage and ensures rapid availability for our customers
  • One type for all applications: symmetrical design, B14 output flange as standard, 6 possible installation orientations 
  • The top and bottom fastening surfaces are not interrupted by a cover
  • Mirror-image installation is possible and a single housing size covers all gear ratios (2-stage and 3-stage). 

The NORD industrial gear unit was developed according to the tried-and tested unicase principle.

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