Industrial Fabric Cutters from Pathfinder Australia

Fabric cutters for the industrial industry that is most suitable for single ply, low ply and multiple cutting

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Pathfinder Australia manufactures and provides low and multi ply fabric cutters that are precise, reliable and custom designed to suit individual needs.

They have 3 available fabric cutting machines with different cutting ranges:

  • K3000 – up to 3cm
  • K5000 – up to 5cm
  • K7000 – up to 7cm

Functions and benefits
The K series fabric cutters from Pathfinder Australia are fully automated which means once the operator initiates the cutting process, the only thing left to do is to unload the cut pieces. The fabric cutters is also low cost and easy to use with the following functions and features:

  • PathCut™ cut-driver software that is compatible with all CAD software
  • Pattern Match function that correctly places shapes to match fabric irregularities
  • Cut Part Identification function
  • Production Manager function
  • Offload display
  • Direct feeding
  • Designed with a label printer
  • Has an ice knife to eliminate fusing
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