Inductive Proximity Sensors for Space Critical Applications from SICK

Flat housing style inductive proximity sensors with rugged design, suitable for harsh environments

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Millions of inductive sensors are currently used in virtually all industries. Able to detect metal objects without contact,  these sensors are characterised by their long service life and extreme ruggedness. 
SICK can provide a range of inductive sensors, from cylindrical and rectangular sensors with single, double or triple sensing distance, to special sensors for harsh environments. 
Flat Housing Style IQ Flat Inductive Sensor
Also known as Flat Pack Inductive Sensor, it can be used in space critical applications and is fast and easy to install. In most cases it can be installed with just one screw, thereby reducing the need for adjustments. 
  • IQ04 and IQ06 available in plastic housing with sensing face on the top and a bright LED
  • IQ20 and IQ25 available in metal housing with dual LED’s to indicate power and signal. The metal housing is extremely rugged and also “weld-field immune”
  • Suitable for use in a variety of industries such as Factory Automation, Robotics handling and welding, Material Handling Industries.
Powerful, Rugged, Flat Inductive Sensors Flat design
  • Greater operating distances
  • Small and compact
  • Can be secured using just a single screw in most cases
  • Extremely stable and durable
  • For applications with limited space
  • No restrictions on machine design
  • Quick mounting without readjustment
Intelligent and reliable for detecting metal objects
SICK sensors are the intelligent, reliable route to implementing industry specific and customised solutions to any task involving automation.
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