Increase Throughput, Reduce Scrap Rate and Decrease Maintenance Time with AccuCoat Spray Systems

Increase Throughput, Reduce Scrap Rate and Decrease Maintenance Time with AccuCoat Spray Systems

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AccuCoat Pan Spraying Systems has a proven track record of doubling
when coating nuts, almonds or extruded cereals with chocolate
when compared to traditional manual chocolate coating equipment. This fully
automated spray system
provides many additional advantages over other spray
control systems including minimising waste and improving product


  • Increased
    production up to six times faster than manual ladling and coating
  • Fully automated
    spray system enables workers to be re-assigned to other tasks
  • Automated heated
    spray system is more hygienic than manual coating
  • Closed-loop
    temperature control eliminates overheating and melting problems; provides
    precise temperature for cooling
  • Heated Spray
    System can be equipped with one or two nozzles or expanded to a
    fully-centralised pan coating system
  • More than 20
    recipes can be pre-programmed to facilitate batch changes

AccuCoat Heated Spray Systems eliminate the problems associated
with traditional viscous coating application methods. The automated spray
system provides precise temperature control, accurate coating
and many automated features to eliminate waste and reduce
between batches.


  • Precise
    temperature control from tank to the target no more waste caused by
    coatings that are too hot or cold
  • Coatings are
    accurately applied to the target with minimal excess or misting
  • The automatic
    spray control system self-adjusts adjusts for line speed changes to
    maximise production time

Multiple batch modes can be pre-set, eliminating
manual adjustments and minimising changeover time

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