A new high resolution inclinometer from Measurement Specialties is more accurate than traditional fluid level tilt sensors and less expensive than servo units. 

This inclinometer has a frequency response of 2Hz (.5 seconds). The D Series is fast enough to be used for tipover protection applications. It provides higher performance than traditional fluid level sensors in applications that do not require the ultra-fast response times and extreme accuracy of servo units. The economical high resolution tilt sensor is affordable enough for OEM applications and accurate enough for instrumentation or retrofit use. The inclinometer is suitable for all levelling applications, including mobile and stationary cranes, lifting platforms, boom and scissor lifts, road grading, satellite antenna and mobile weighing systems, and other outdoor equipment.  

The D-Series inclinometer is available off-the-shelf or as a customized module in production volumes for OEMs. OEMs can purchase the proprietary tilt element alone or with unique packaging designed specifically for integration into their equipment. As an off-the-shelf unit, the CE-approved tilt sensor is housed in a rugged aluminium package rated IP67 for use in the harshest environmental conditions. Inclinometers robust technology withstands shock and vibration. It is available in three measurement ranges:

  •  ± 5°
  • ± 15°
  • ±30°
  • all with resolution of 0.001 degree.

Each D Series sensor is supplied with digital RS232C output and one additional output specified by the purchaser from a selection including analog voltage, analog current, PWM or switch.  

D Series tilt sensor inclinometer operates on a proprietary conductive technology using electrolytic fluid. This technology enables higher resolution than conventional fluid tilt devices while featuring the lower cost structure of a MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems)-based device.  

Measurement Specialties, Inc., designs and manufactures a wide variety of sensors and transducers to measure precise ranges of physical characteristics including pressure, force, vibration, position, humidity and temperature. Specifications can be customized for orders of sufficient quantity.

Measurement Specialties products are distributed in Australia by Applied Measurement Australia P/L.

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