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Product traceability and
anti-counterfeiting solutions require reliable automatic identification
products. SICK offers the three most common industrial identification
technologies: laser-based scanners for 1D codes, image-based 1D and 2D code
readers, and RFID readers. Integrated interfaces enable the readers to
communicate inside industrial networks and innovative functionality makes
commissioning and operation easy.

Image-based code readers

high-performance, straightforward

Image-based code readers provide flexibility, high performance, convenience
and simplicity. Even at fast conveyor speeds, SICK image code readers can
reliably detect and evaluate 1D, 2D, DPM (direct part marking), and partially
damaged codes. These readers identify markings on nearly any surface, including
metal, glass, plastic or paper. Plus, different models, interfaces, and
networking capabilities provide application flexibility.

Bar code scanners

solutions for logistics and automation

SICK bar code scanners accelerate logistics and automation processes. Their
excellent reading performance ensures continuous process flow even with poor
quality or damaged bar codes. A high scanning frequency permits high process
speeds, and simple networking improves operational efficiency. Plus, compact
connection devices save space and reduce costs. The SICK bar code product
portfolio offers the right solution for nearly any task.



Radio-based RFID technologies
in the HF (high frequency) and UHF (ultra high frequency) ranges supplement
SICK industrial automation portfolio. In applications where process-relevant
data is modified remotely, RFID makes it possible to store data on writable and
rewritable media. And, in contrast to optical solutions, RFID provides reliable
identification of all objects despite dirt and everyday wear.

Hand-held scanners

fast and flexible

scanners from SICK provide fast, flexible code reading capabilities for a wide
range of applications. Unlike manual solutions, hand-held scanners make it
possible to automatically detect data at high speeds with nearly no errors.
They are ergonomically designed, speed up processes and help eliminate sources
of error.

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