Identification Product Innovation with SICK’s Barcode Scanners and Readers

A comprehensive range of Identification Intelligence to suit a number of industrial applications.


Reliable product traceability and anti-counterfeiting requires precision identification intelligence, SICK delivers a range of technologies that enable easy operation, effective communication and simple integration.

Powerful Barcode Scanners for a range of requirements

  • CLP510: Easy to integrate and configure with rapid capture rate with high scanning frequency and decoding
  • CLV50x: Lightweight and compact for easy installation and high performance readability and exceptional throughput even with poor quality codes
  • CLV62x: Exceptional read rate on obscured and damaged codes with SMART620 technology and real time high speed decoding
  • CL63x: Advanced auto setup and multifunction pushbutton for time saving properties and integrated with SMART technology for reading damaged or obscured codes
  • CLV64x: Highly capable as only one unit is necessary for all focus positions and does not require supplementary Ethernet gateway for reduced costs
  • CLV65x: Comprehensive by not requiring additional light barriers or version for focus adjustment. Enhanced with web server for remote diagnostics and monitoring
  • CLV69x: High processing rates with SMART technology reading and rapid performance for precision efficiency

Simple Image Based Code Readers

  • LECTOR®62x: Clever decoding algorithms ensure exceptional readability for increased throughput. Integrated with IDpro and flexible interface connections for installation ease
  • ICR80x:  Quick and reliable 1D and 2D code recognition with ability to read multiple code types. Simple to integrate with compact size and fast configuration
  • ICR84x-2 FlexLens: Omni-directional identification of 1D and 2D codes while retaining high speed and accuracy

Ergonomic Hand Held Scanners for industrial use

  • IDM140: Higher productivity with excellent scan rate with a lightweight, ergonomic design for user comfort
  • IDM160: Complete 2 in 1 scan system for standard and high density codes. Ergonomic and durable design for use in industrial conditions as well as vibration, beeper and LED feedback
  • RFH6xx: Designed for maximum throughput, offers flexibility for easy adaptation as well as simple integration
  • RF063x: Unique development allows for standalone use with impeccable reading/ writing performance. Flexible integration and easy adaption with reduce maintenance for time saving simplicity

Comprehensive Connectivity devices to suit your automatic identification technology

  • CDB:  Designed small with two mounting holes for easy installation. Visible and accessible screw/spring loaded terminals and switch configurable
  • CDM: Simple power supply solution that connects to SICK’s Auto-ID component range. Slots available for optional fieldbus modules, parameter memory, display and power supply module
  • CDF600: Simple mounting with pluggable electrical connections. Clear 6 LEDs for status and error display and 3 rotary switches for setting PROFIBUS address or mode
  • CDF600-2: Highly flexible mounting and field bus connection. LED indication and diagnostics and code switch
  • CMF: Gateway for integration of SICK bar code scanners into PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet or Ethernet TCP/IP fieldbus systems
  • CMC: External saving of bar code scanner parameters with no configuration required
  • CMD: 4 x 20 character illuminated large display for CDM420/490 basis device

Innovative Identification Solutions to suit every process application, SICK also offers an extensive range of accessories to compliment your system.

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