Identification Devices


RFID and Bar Code technologies enable reliable identification of items. The devices read tags or codes to identify objects in tracking, sorting, quality control, security and stocktaking applications. RFID can also provide a write function that enables data to be updated as the object moves through the process.

Elevate the intelligence of your application with industrial RFID. Turck offers a choice of High Frequency (HF) and longer range Ultra High Frequency (UHF) read or read/write heads, a wide variety of tags, interfaces for many different requirements and handheld products from Turck Designed to meet the demands of your manufacturing environment.

Banner bar code readers are camera-based devices in compact and robust housings. Able to read most widely used 1D and 2D codes and communicating via RS232 or Ethernet the wide range of easy to configure models available ensure that most bar code reading needs can be met.

Turck industrial RFID and Banner barcode readers ensure your processes run as efficiently and intelligently as possible.

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RFID for production and intralogistics


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