Hybrid Ceramic All-Rounder Flap Disc – TRIMFIX Hellfire


Grinds like hell finishes like heaven

TRIMFIX HellFire is highly aggressive on all metals thanks to the unique and innovative ceramic hybrid abrasive grinding-cloth. This extremely abrasive flap disc has a flexible and trim-able backing plate made of natural fibre with an absolutely outstanding price performance ratio.

Environmentally friendly, cost-effective, time saving, versatile…

  • At high levels of performance it saves a considerable amount of time
  • Multi-functional grinding flap disc for all metals (steel, INOX, titan, aluminium etc)
  • Grinds like grit size 40 with the result of grit size 60
  • No heat coloration of the work piece due to overheating (Runs cooler)
  • Easy to trim while grinding
  • Natural and elastic backing plate for optimised adjustment to work piece
  • Slightly angled (5° angle)
  • Top-quality made in Germany
  • Vibration, heat and noise are reduced due to the natural fibre backing
  • We do not use any glass fibre backing
  • Can be used up to the last millimetre

Are you a metal working professional that is after a top quality abrasive flap disc with great results?

Available in the following sizes & grits:


Multigrain Grit 40/60

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