Hose Reels and Cable Reels from Reel Tech

Hose reels and cable reels from Reel Tech are manufactured to a versatile design making them ideal for either storage or live applications.

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Reel Tech supply a range of hose and cable reel systems designed for a variety of reel applications. 

Hose and Cable Reels offering reliability and performance

  • Hannay Reels are made from Standard off the shelf parts
  • Ready for immediate delivery
  • Every Hannay reel incorporates a full length Fluid hub for rigidity
  • Twin Self Aligned Bearings for Smooth operation
  • Full flow swivels on Hose reelsMotorized Reels

Heavy Duty Hose Reels and Custom Cable Reels 

  • Custom cable reels and heavy duty hose reels are ideal for storage of hose and cable and have been designed for virtually any application. 
  • Reels are supplied as either storage only or LIVE, meaning the Fluid, gas or power passes through the reel, then the hose or cable to be laid out. 

Hannay Reels Rewind Options

  • Hannay Reels are available in all rewind options, from Spring Reels, Electric Reels, Pneumatic Reels, Hydraulic Reels, Direct Drive Reels and Manual Rewind Cable Reels. 
  • They can be supplied as Powder Coated or even Stainless Steel Hose Reels with standard pressure ratings up to 10,000 PSI.

Hannay Hose and Cable Reels Range
Hannay has a reel for every industry and application including:

  • Air Hose Reels
  • Fire Hose Reels
  • Fuel Hose Reels
  • High Pressure Hose Reels
  • Water Hose Reels
  • Welding Reels
  • Live Cable Reels
  • Storage Cable Reels

Hannay was the first company to introduce a separate fully enclosed spring motor in a cartridge unit, for easier and safer maintenance.

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