Honeywell Thor and Thor VM2 from Gamma Solutions

Built for every day challenges whilst on the road, the THOR range of Vehicle-mount units


Gamma Solutions provide vehicle- mount computing units specifically designed for the everyday challenges that occur when on the road during supply  chain applications. The range includes the following:

The Honeywell THOR™ available from Gamma Solutions has been intuitively designed to match the way you work. The THOR is designed for harsh  industrial environments with custom-made features like a patent-pending ignition control. This rugged Vehicle-Mount Computer features a field replaceable keyboard and touch screen with built in wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. The Intel Atom-powered vehicle-mount computer offers the ability to run either Windows Embedded or Windows CE 6.0

The Honeywell THOR has an 8 inch WVGA LED back-lit display with indoor and outdoor display options. Other features include:

  • SPEED– Intel® Atom Z530 1.6GHz Processor with up to 2GB RAM
  • FIELD-REPLACEABLE– Full 64 Key QWERTY keyboard, Front panel swaps out in seconds
  • QUICK-MOUNT SMART-DOCK– Dock & undock with one hand, internal bridge battery provides power for up to 30 minutes
  • CUSTOMIZABLE– Fully-mappable keyboards in multiple configurations with 10 function keys
  • CONNECTED– 802.11 a/b/g/n & Bluetooth standard, with available WWAN radio

The Thor uses vehicle power but also offers external converters for AC or extended VDC and is designed to be able to handle conditions of vehicle use including dust, water, vibration, high temperatures and freezing temperatures (-30º to +50ºc).


The Honeywell THOR VM2 is built for simple and easy application development and system integration. Boasting a 9.7 inch XGA display, programmable multi-function keys and WLAN and WWAN connectivity, it is ideal for warehouse, port and yard process automation, introducing an additional form factor option that allows for greater flexibility.

The Thor VM2 among other things is available with both Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 and Windows Embedded Standard 2009 operating systems and compatible with many industry standard terminal emulation and web browser applications. Other key features include:

  •  SMART DOCK– Allows you to remove and mount your device into its dock but with the ruggedness and sealing it needs to perform in the harsh industrial environment. 
  • FIELD-REPLACEABLE FRONT PANEL- enables single-tool touch screen repairs
  • IGNITION CONTROL- unit can be configured to automatically go into standby or hibernate at a select-able time after the ignition switch is turned off. This eliminates lost productivity caused by a dead vehicle battery.

Most supply chain models encompass many different activities, resources and functions and each stage in the process demands consistency and the ability to respond, real-time, to issues as they occur. To that end, the Thor VM2 vehicle-mount computer offers businesses a comprehensive route to dramatic operational improvements.

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