Hioki Memory HiLoggers High-speed Handheld Memory Logger

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The Hioki LR8431-20 is a handheld
high-speed data logger for recording multiple channels of voltage, temperature,
pulse or rotation signals. It provides complete isolation between channels and
strong noise resistance. This compact data logger is capable of simultaneous
recording across all 10 fully isolated analogue channels. Its enhanced noise
suppression ensures the output of higher quality data.

The LR8431-20 is capable of evaluating
motors and inverters used in electric and hybrid vehicles, efficiency
measurements and performance evaluations of air conditioning equipment, and
temperature measurements and performance evaluations of internal components in
electronic equipment.

It also
features 10 ms sampling, USB and Compact Flash card interface for data storage,
Logger Utility software for multi-channel support via PC, and an easy-to-read
bright colour LCD widescreen.

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