Highly Developed SICK Intelligent Analysers for Dust and Gas Measurement

SICK reliable technology and development offers effective Gas Analysers and Dust Measuring Devices for optimised production.

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SICK refined technology within processes or emissions gas analysis and dust measurement leads Analyser innovation to optimise your operations and ensure a safe environment.

Comprehensive Gas Analysers with in-situ or extractive measurement technology

  • EuroFID: Wear resistant total hydrocarbon analyser
  • FID3006: Portable total hydrocarbon analyser integrated with safety flame failure features
  • GHG-Control: Intelligent measurement of CO2 and N2O gas emissions without converting from dry to damp status
  • GM35: Rapid In-situ measurement of CO, CO2 and H2O with dynamic humidity correction
  • GME700: High spectral resolution extractive laser gas analyser
  • MCS100FT: FTIR multi-component analysing system, touchscreen operation and automatic spectrum adjustment
  • MERCEM300Z: Total mercury measuring system via patented thermal converter system
  • S700: Modular gas analysis system available with five different measuring principles
  • TRANSIC100LP: Effective oxygen transmission using laser spectroscopy for use in demanding conditions

Rugged Dust Measuring Devices for effective detection and monitoring

  • DUSTHUNTER C200: Utilising transmittance and scattered light measuring for low and high dust concentration
  • FWE200: Combined gas sampling and return probe extractive dust measuring system
  • DUSTHUNTER SB100: Low to medium dust levels with backward scattering and contamination check
  • DUSTHUNTER SF100: Designed for light dust monitoring with forward scattering
  • DUSTHUNTER SP100: Integrated with Hastelloy probe for corrosive gas environments for monitoring of low to medium dust applications with forward scattering
  • DUSTHUNTER T200: Features contamination check for sender/receiver and reflector unit with automatic optical assembly alignment as well as zero and reference point check
  • SHC500: Gravimetric measuring with patented sampling system eliminates dust lost and automatic data recording and system control

SICK comprehensive range of Analysers improves the performance and safety of your production process. Flexible designs as well as a complete support and service as well as training ensure a lifetime of assurance for your SICK system.

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