High Volume Low Speed Fans for cooling warehouses, workshops and other high ceiling facilities

It takes just a couple of hours to install it, and a dollar a day on average to run it.

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SkyBlade Fans STOL Series 12 24 (3.6 m to
7.3 m)

High Volume Low Speed (HVLS)
Fans, manufactured in USA, deliver top
efficiency to heating and cooling systems by reducing run time, cycles, and
improving overall comfort.

This saves users money by operating heating and air conditioning
systems less frequently, reducing the need for heating in the cold months
through de-stratification of hot air pockets and increasing air velocity to
assist air conditioning systems in warm months.

In summer, HVLS fans increase evaporative effect on skin and
reduce the perceived temperature by several degrees. In winter months, when
fans are run at lower speed, they bring the warm air down and recycle lost heat
trapped at the ceiling level.

HVLS fans have extensive application
. They can be used to remove condensate from the floors, protecting
surfaces and creating a safer working environment. Big industrial fans prevent
the growth of mould, mildew and bacteria associated with high humidity, which
eliminates health and safety concerns as well as unnecessary renovations.

STOL (short take-off & landing) technology is designed to
provide a maximum lift to aircraft for short field take-off and landings. This
technology is incorporated into the design of the airfoil, making SkyBlade HVLS
fans more efficient and aero dynamic while operating at full speed.

SkyBlade fans are available in sizes 12′ to 24′. The smallest
model of these industrial cooling fans covers 1050 m2, while the biggest in the
range covers 4200 m2, delivering 20-30 per cent savings in energy and creating
a return on investment in less than 2 years. It takes just a couple of hours to
install it, and a dollar a day on average to run it. With low operating costs
and low carbon footprint, High Volume Low-Speed Fans from SkyBlade are good for
the business, for people and for the environment. Please click here to know the
details about the product range

Here are examples on how to cut costs with SkyBlade HVLS Fans:

  • Operating on its own: HVLS fans replace the stale air and increase evaporation from skin. Perceived temperatures are 7-10 degrees lower. Productivity rises. No need to cut operating hours during heat waves.
  • Operating with HVAC: Thermostat of the air-conditioning unit can be set 5 7 C warmer without noticed difference. HVAC system can be operating for fewer hours, which allows saving up to 30% on cooling costs.
  • Using HVLS fans instead of standard fans: less noise, less energy consumption, less waste. 1 6.3 m HVLS can replace 6 standard 900 mm fans operating at high speeds, providing up to 90% reduction in electricity consumption.
  • Using HVLS fans for removing condensate: moving dry air eliminates condensation problem on the floor, protects surface from rust, products from discoloration, equipment from damage and corrosion and creates safer environment for people and animals.
  • Using HVLS fans to protect buildings: prevent growth of mould, mildew and bacteria associated with high humidity, which eliminates health and safety concerns and unnecessary renovations

SkyBlade Fans are utilised in:

  • Industrial
  • Automotive workshop
  • Show Rooms
  • Aviation Hangars
  • Service Centre
  • Workshops, Factories
  • Stamping & Steel
  • Assembly Plants, Loading Docks
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Warehouses & Distribution
  • Dairy & Livestock Stable
  • Poultry shed, Sheering shed
  • Food processing shed
  • Gymnasium, Stadiums
  • Commercial

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