High speed EFAFLEX doors… now offered by DMF

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DMF International Pty Ltd have been awarded the license to sell and service the range of Efaflex high speed doors throughout Australia.

EFAFLEX High-Speed Turbo Doors are the unique result of creative and innovative German engineering worldwide. The EFAFLEX design engineers have succeeded again in creating a revolutionary door system based on the visions of its users. The result is a high-speed door for internal use consisting of single-walled laths which will stay fully-transparent for years. With this, further customer demands for superior speed, strong wind resistance, amazing tightness and excellent reliability were fully met. A huge step in high-speed door technology …

Differentiating Features
• Interior door for particularly wind-swept openings or as (additional) measure in the exit area
• Door opens vertically
• Wear-free door leaf
• Electronically controlled high-speed drive unit (up to 3m/sec)
• Automatic control unit (can be combined with all types of activation methods)
• Door line light barrier TLG or
• Safety contact strip as per ZH 1/494 
• Full range to accommodate coolrooms, freezers, high use loading docks and warehouses, carparks, and openings requiring security.
• Standard building sizes up to W=8000mm x H=7800mm  

Model  SST with Anti Crash System (ACS)  

SST-ISO-K High-Speed Spiral-Door Perfect insulation
The SST-ISO-K is based on the multiply patented rapid spiral door. Equipped with a highly insulated door blade made of thermally separated slats, a K-factor of at least 0.5 W/m²K is achieved. The caulkings employed prevent from unwanted and uneconomic air and temperature changes. The result is constant climatic conditions.

STT – High-Speed Turbo-Door – the quantum leap

STR High Speed Turbo Roll-up Door the fastest worldwide
Having an average opening speed of more than 3.6 m/sec (11.8 ft/sec), the STR Turbo Roll-up Door is currently the world fastest door. Equipped with a permanently flexible door panel in conjunction with an unique, patented spiral winder, it basically operates free of friction low noise guaranteed! Unique: In case of damage it is not necessary to replace the whole curtain since the door modular construction allows for exchanging individual segments. Thus, the EFAFLEX STR is faster up and running than any other rapid roll-up door. This feature saves time and money!

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