High Speed Doors from DMF International

Efaflex from DMF International are high speed roller doors that are custom built and come in a range of models

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DMF International’s Efaflex range of high speed doors and high speed folding doors provide superior speed, strong wind resistance and excellent reliability.

As a result of creative and innovative German engineering, this revolutionary door system is used for internal applications, consisting of single-walled laths that will stay fully transparent for years.

High Speed Doors offering Exceptionally Fast Opening Speed

  • Operates at 4m/sec
  • Available in sizes up to 8m (h) x 8m (w)
  • High speed doors can withstand very high wind applications
  • Patented spiral roll system which reduces noise and wear during high speed action
  • All high speed doors and folding doors are custom made to suit any application
  • All of the Efaflex doors are suitable for very high frequency of traffic movement
  • Fitted with unique TLG safety light curtain, ensuring safe operation
  • All doors are fully supplied, installed and serviced by DMF International Australia wide

Model SST

  • Solid panel high speed door, enhancing insulation and security
  • With modifications to ISOK level, it is suitable for freezers operating at -30ºC and offering K-Value of 0.5W/m2K

Model STT

  • An all clear acrylic glass door panel
  • Providing see through security, high wind resistance and fast spiral action

Model STR

  • The fastest roll door in the world
  • Utilises polyskin panel with windbars
  • Option of anti crash system (ACS) allowing self repair if impacted by a forklift

Model CR

  • Cleanroom high speed doors suitable for high level pharmaceutical applications, offering minimal air leakage in high air pressure
  • Full stainless steel with an anti static, silicon free curtain

Model AS Folding Door

  • High speed folding action and offering excellent security and wind resistance
  • Provides openings up to 8m wide

Applications for the Efaflex High Speed Doors
These rapid roll doors are suitable for a variety of applications including:

  • Carparks
  • Warehouses
  • Clean rooms
  • Processings areas
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Coolrooms and Freezers
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