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Automation supply a broad range of Wenglor sensors that suit a wide variety of
applications. They also provide a range of high quality and reliable Italsensor
encoders, sensors and accessories.

Photoelectric Sensors


Through beam

transmitter and the receiver are enclosed in separate housings and are mounted
so that the light beam emitted by the transmitter strikes the lens at the
receiver. They are available with laser light, red light or infrared light. If
the active light beam between the transmitter and the receiver is interrupted,
the output is switched.


  • Edge recognition and object
  • Monitoring openings and drill breakage
  • Recognition of extremely small parts

Retro Reflective

Sensors work with red light or laser light. The transmitter and the receiver
are integrated into a single housing and a reflector is required. If the light
beam between the sensor and the reflector is interrupted by an object, the
output is switched.


  • Recognition of objects at great distances
  • Recognition of glossy objects thanks to the integrated polarization
  • Recognition of objects on conveyor belts
  • Stack height and gap monitoring
  • Assembly and feed monitoring

Reflex diffuse

sensors have the transmitter and receiver integrated into a single housing. The
light beam emanated from the transmitter is reflected by the surface of the
object to be recognized. A part of this light is detected by the receiver and
it is transformed into a signal for switching by an evaluation unit integrated
in the sensor.


  • Object recognition/counting
  • Controlling of stacking heights and passage ways

Reflex (diffuse) with background suppression

The sensor
evaluates light reflected from an object. The output switches if the object
passes within the selected range. These sensors work by the angular measurement


  • Checking for presence of objects
  • Recognition of minimal height differences
  • Recognition of all types of objects and packaging
  • Indication of fill-levels and stack heights
  • Edge recognition
  • Shelf-full messages for automated rack systems


The Inox
sensors are for the highest hygienic demands of the food & beverage and
pharmaceutical industry.

optic sensors

Optic Cable Sensors are prepared for the application with Glass and Plastic
Fibre Optic Cables and they evaluate the light reflected by the object. The
output switches if the object reaches the adjusted detection range (reflex
operation mode) or if the active light beam is interrupted (through beam mode).


  • Adaption of Plastic and Glass Fibre Optic
  • Detection of very fast processes
  • Applications with limited space availability
  • Checking for presence and mounting position

Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors detect all objects, including liquids, foams, granulates and
pulver reliably.

sensors send out oscillation packages and measure the time it takes until the
sonic waves are reflected back to the sensor.


  • Synchronous mode: To enable object recognition over a wide area, several
    ultrasonic sensors can be operated
  • Multiplex mode: To avoid interference of
    several sensors.
  • Detection mode: Detects the object closest to
    the sensor, the object furthest away and the best detectable object.
  • Adjusting the threshold value: The higher the
    chosen threshold, the less sensitive the sensor is to interfering sound waves.


  • Fill level measurement (min./max.)
  • Distance monitoring
  • Analysis of bulk solids
  • Quality testing
  • Level control
  • Sag control of films and paper
  • Detection of dark/ light 揳bsorbing material
  • Detection of pierced circuit boards
  • Wire break monitoring
  • Detection of seals and packaging

Inductive Proximity

Proximity Switches are designed without any internal moving parts. They are
thus maintenance-free, resistant to wear, water-proof and insensitive to
contamination and vibration. They are protected against short-circuits and they
can be installed in any desired position. The range includes:

  • Standard
  • Weld field resistant
  • Inox inductives that are highly impact
  • Analog output sensors to detect metal
  • Non-ferrous
  • Extended range with increased switching
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