High Pressure Slurry Knife Gate Valves by Dual Valves

Knife gates valves, the high pressure sleeved series for slurry handling

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The Dual high pressure slurry knife gate valve is a high performance valve system for slurry handling.

Heavy duty construction with removable sleeves

  • Constructed from cast SG Iron GR. 42 or fabricated body with the blade made from stainless steel
  • Sleeves on both sides of the blade can be removed for a bi-directional bubble tight seal, ensuring metal parts aren in contact with the slurry
  • 360 PSI, 25 Bar CWP full port design
  • 100% leak free with the matching elastomer sleeves giving a twin seat design with bi-directional shut-off, achieving drip tight shut-off
  • Sleeves are easy to replace with special equipment not needed
  • In open position – stainless steel gate is fully retracted out of the slurry flow path,
  • Gate can be checked or removed without needing to remove the valve from the line
  • In closed position – blade is supported by the valve body to reduce deflection and improve working life
  • Self acting secondary seal built in to wipe and lubricate the blade with no adjusting required
  • Flushing ports featured in the design through the inner sleeve housing area

The Dual high pressure slurry knife gate valves can have any actuator type fitted to it and are ideal for wet or dry environments.

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