High Pressure Pipe Couplings and Expansion Joints by Dual Valves Australasia

Dual Valves supply a range of industrial materials such as expansion joints and pipe couplings to ensure water is networked together.

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Hydromine Projects range of hi-tech equipment for mine water reticulation, and fluid control available through Dual Valves Australasia Pty Ltd. The pipe couplings and expansion joints are quick to assemble and economical compared to welded, threaded and flanged pipe joints.

Thercom Vertical Shaft Pipe Couplings

  • No welding or bolting required
  • No qualified people required for installation
  • No tools needed
  • Natural Pipe support – no pipe bearers required
  • Outstanding resistance to water hammer
  • Occupies small shaft space
  • Individual support of each pipe
  • Natural expansion joint
  • Seals unaffected by water hammer
  • 150NB – 600NB
  • Up to 250bar
  • Coupling – EN-8 or BS3100 grade ‘A2’
  • Bolts – Stainless Steel
  • Seals – Polyurethane/Rubber
  • Eye-bolts – Gr 8.8 galvanised

Tru Pipe Couplings

  • Corrosion/Erosion resistant
  • Butt welded
  • Regarded as the most reliable pipe joint in the industry

U-Cone Pipe Couplings

  • 60bar to 250bar
  • Clamp – Cast Steel
  • Seal – pressure assisted cap seal – Neoprene or H.D.P.E
  • Bolt – Gr 8.8 or higher – electro-galvanised
  • Nut/washer – Gr 8.0 – electro-galvanised

NGD Sliding Type Expansion Joints

The design complies with various international standards.

  • Stationary – EN8 or equivalent
  • Jointing ends – Steel
  • Slider – 304/316SS
  • Jacking bolts – 431SS
  • Seals – Quad-Rings
Expansion joints are utilised as a thermal compensator in air and water lines. The couplings are designed to connect to high pressure pipes in a vertical shaft column. Tru tapered pipe couplings are used for industrial, commercial, and institutional piping systems.
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